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Agency for support and business development "The Target"

 We speak English/ connect with us

We reach the target together!



   Professional service from "A" to" z" (business services)

We will assist you in opening a business in our country, support your business at every stage,We will save You the agony of choice and the time lost in a "foreign" country. Each request will be heard by us and tested in the shortest possible time.


   We are a team of associates which have successful experien-   ce of conducting various levels of business in the Republic of Belarus and other foreign countries. Our team is ready to share with you a personal experience and accompany you in all your endeavours. We will prepare for you a Foundation that will allow you to realize your dream.


We provide organizational support for its customers at all stages:

1) opening a business "turnkey";

2) business support; business services;

3) liquidation of companies of different levels;

4) business and study tour to the Republic of Belarus, assistance in your travel, industrial tourism; business tourism

5) organization and support of medical tourism.

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