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Our Services for your target:business support, consulting, mice, business and industrial tourism, medical tourism

Support in starting a business, liquidation of companies
   Our Agency organizes the preparation of documents for the organization of business, search for premises for the required types of business, support in obtaining permits. 
  We will arrange for you consultations on the following issues:
1)organization and conduct of business (market features, banking, lending, import-export licensing, accounting services;
2)support in opening a Bank account;
3) liquidation of companies of different types of difficulties;

Organization of business and study trips to the Republic of Belarus, support in business trips.
Industrial tourism.
  We offer organization for You :
1) transfer;
2) accommodation (reservation of hotel rooms, apartments)
3) power;
4) search of premises for meetings and negotiations;
5) cultural programs;
 We offer You assistance in organizing meetings and escort visitors and business partners at the airport and other transport points of Minsk, the organization of comfortable transport and subsequent accommodation in a convenient location, with different food options, as well as the organization of negotiations the cultural and entertainment programs. We create comfort and coziness of any level for guests of the city.
6) industrial tourism. We offer to visit industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Our Agency will prepare for You the most interesting excursions to the enterprises and plants of our country.


Business support (business services)
Our Agency will organize for You and Your company:
1) financial advice;

2) accounting services;


4) marketing research.

Our Agency will assist in the organization of the best conditions for diagnosis and treatment in the Republic of Belarus.
We will select individual programs of Spa treatment. 
 We are ready to provide our customers with quality services in the field of medical tourism in the Republic of Belarus. The cost of diagnosis and treatment in the best clinics and medical centers of the Republic of Belarus is low, however, the quality of service in clinics of our country is at a high global level in many areas: 
dentistry, implantation, transplantation, prosthetics and more.

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